Team interventions & Cultural Reviews

Team Intervention

Momentum’s highly interactive team processes provide a very meaningful and rewarding experience for participants that will make a positive difference to the team’s sense of identity and functioning. Our team sessions are designed to enable individuals to see opportunities for team enhancements, as well as reflect on what their personal contribution and commitment will be to a better way forward. If there are any examples of past conflict or tensions within the team, the goodwill and safe environment built during the day, along with newly acquired skills, allows participants to experience ‘closure’ and leave the day focused on future enhancements.

The process draws on the facilitators’ combined specialist experience of almost 60 years experience effectively managing difficult interpersonal workplace situations and building conflict competency and resilience in the people affected. The approach we take is preventative, future-oriented, solution-focused and without blame. It assists the group identify its core purpose and shared vision, along with shared values and processes, which allow the team to achieve its purpose and vision.

Cultural Reviews

Momentum’s services are sought when there are symptoms of a blame ridden, judgmental, disengaged culture where low morale, negativity, gossip and finger pointing may exist, with little or no understanding as to the underlying cause.

Through Momentum’s well-honed and specialised approach of deep listening, diagnosis, systems mapping and analysis, the crux of the matter can be revealed and a number of restorative and developmental interventions recommended. These may include a large group process where all of the voices or perspectives spoken to, restorative group interventions, series of mediated interventions, individual or group coaching or training.




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