Executive and leadership coaching

Momentum’s Executive and Leadership Coaching Services

Momentum’s executive and leadership coaching services are sought to inspire and enable established and developing leaders to take up their role as their very best version of self, and thereby better engage, influence and impact business performance.

Co-creating a clear sense of shared objectives is important to any development process, but the full opportunity for development is often not evident until the work commences. Thus, Momentum’s coaches are committed to the “practitioner as instrument” approach: the coach must be fully and authentically present, and genuinely “meet” the client, wherever he or she is, intentionally recognising the value of generating ‘in time’ and “felt” experiences with their clients; of genuinely “being, more than doing” with people in their humanity.

In this way, the coach creates a safe container to support and appropriately pace the already unfolding process of change. Within this context, Momentum coaches cognitively, intuitively, energetically, and somatically invite in the coachee’s needed and emerging areas of growth and development as they become evident to him or her.

Central to Momentum’s coaching work is enabling leaders to lean into, and effectively manage high conflict situations and challenging behaviours, gain self, other, system and impact awareness and an understanding of the drivers and power dynamics that sit behind all behaviour. This awareness enables the leader to build their resilience and capacity to self-regulate, and in doing so, become more present to themselves and respond to the increasingly complex demands of their role and the challenges organisations face, as well as communicate effectively by getting clear on the message to be delivered, drive positive change, and minimise unwanted impacts.




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