Process Work

Process Work

Founded in Jungian psychology, Taoism and physics, Arnie Mindell developed Process Work in the late 1970′s.

“Process work is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that combines psychology, spirituality, social awareness, creativity, and system awareness into a single coherent framework. Its broad spectrum applications include psychotherapy, bodywork, conflict, group dynamics, system change and community and organisational development”
(Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder)

Individuals and organisations have a usual way of being that is familiar and well known, and they become disturbed when this usual way of being no longer serves them well; when change and growth is required. The disturbance can create “edge behaviour”, which occurs in response to the thoughts, beliefs, structures and values, which seek to hold us to our primary identity. If we want, or need, to move to a less familiar, less known, as yet unaware but desired way of being, then the thoughts, beliefs, structures and values which may be keeping us at the ‘edge’, or threshold to change, are brought to the surface and worked with. In this way individuals and organisations can embrace change and move to a new way of operating.

Sometimes the pain of change or conflict is so deep that it is beyond words, and awareness comes through working with the deepest experiences and emotions within the body. Process work training allows the consultant to facilitate a person’s awareness, and from this state, gain the embodied wisdom that is necessary to unblock and let go of what is unhelpful, moving from the prison that is holding them, or restricting organisations, towards what is required.

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