Leta’s story

Leta’s story

In my early years as a practising psychologist, I spent many hours sitting one on one with people in deep emotional pain, unwell with their anger, distress, and often long held beliefs of unjust and unfair treatment at work. Although supportive and certainly therapeutically helpful, these interventions were often lengthy and limited by the very narratives being retold. Progress was typically very slow.

Relationship conflict of one sort, or another, typically sat at the heart of these scenarios. It was in one of my very first workplace mediations that I saw the very same people, that had been so stuck in the conflict, appear almost instantaneously transformed and healed when released from the tyranny of the conflict, through being given a safe space to genuinely have a voice and the means to hear an alternative, equally firmly “held” and very human counter-story. I became convinced that this was a way that I could more effectively help the people I was so committed to.

Fast forward several decades of dedicated workplace relationship, communication, culture, leadership development, mental health and wellbeing and conflict expertise.

I recognise that I am dedicated to holding myself and others to higher levels of awareness and accountability to how we show up in the world, for self and in relationship, which is not just about being open to continual growth and learning, or stepping up to meet life’s challenges, but also to feeling more, connecting deeply, and supporting others to do the same. Being of Eurasian background, the concepts of radical inclusion and upholding the dignity of all has certainly informed these pursuits.

To integrate my peace-making endeavours in a truly embodied way, I became a qualified and practising yoga instructor at the beginning of 2017. The opportunity to run holistic residential retreats for women since 2016 and truly integrate my diverse areas of passion and expertise has certainly been a career highlight. My other pursuits in life include an active family life and a long-term relationship with painting in oils; all of which bring the grounding and balance I need to keep finding more and more energy to do what I love doing each day.

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