Sally’s story

Sally’s story

As a country girl, I grew up on the red dirt of the Mallee and blossomed in the simplicity of country life with loving parents, freedom to explore and a healthy lifestyle living off the land. I acknowledge that this soldier settlement land was stolen from our first nations people and that I had the privilege of the strong foundation that the land has given me, and for which I will be forever grateful.

As a result, I am deeply connected to nature and re-energise from walking, hiking, scuba diving, sailing, and skiing. Being fully present in the energy of nature with all my senses allows me to be more spacious and enhances what I bring to the mediation table, group facilitation, training and coaching room. I am passionate about my life purpose to liberate people from that which binds them and keeps them stuck, and support them to be the very best they can be in all roles occupied in their lives. To do this in a heartfelt, compassionate and also direct way is very important to me. I cultivate my calm presence, deep listening, loving awareness, and skills so that I can show up in the very best version of me, for all the roles that I occupy in my own life, and in doing so, model the way in my own leadership, knowing that we are all simply trying to do our best.

My professional journey commenced working with people who had stress related illnesses, often as a result of unresolved conflict in the workplace. It was during a one year sabbatical when we took our young children sailing up the east coast of Australia, that I found real clarity about where I wanted to focus my work, and where I could have the greatest impact. Providing the opportunity for people to live without the pain of unresolved conflict was where my focus went and I trained as a mediator. Over time, I realised the limitations of this single process and added to my suite of skills with three areas of coaching and many hours of professional and personal development.

It is now over 40 years since I began this journey and I see it continuing for many years to come. I sustain the energy required to do this important and often transformational work through relationship and connection with my much loved family and friends, my daily yoga and meditation practice, maintaining my fitness, and my connection with nature.

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