Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Momentum’s EAP services provide employees with totally confidential, short term and solution focused counselling to help address work-related and personal problems. These services are delivered to employees at the employer’s cost. Employer’s who provide EAP services recognise that a wide range of problems- that may or may not have originated from the workplace – can adversely impact the performance, productivity and morale of employees, not to mention their safety and quality of life.

By accessing Momentum’s EAP, employees are lifted from their emotional distress and provided with solution-focussed strategies that better equip them to deal with the difficulties they are experiencing. Movement toward a more positive, capable and enabled mindset is often a noticeable result from psychological counselling.




Problems that can be addressed through a workplace sponsored EAP include:

Stress or trauma management

Critical incident debriefings for individuals or groups

Communication difficulties

Depression and anxiety

Performance concerns

Relationship or marriage difficulties

Organisational change

Gambling and drinking problems

Interpersonal conflict

Loss or bereavement

Bullying and harassment concerns

Managing the negative effects of a conflict situation

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