Heartfelt Retreats

Connect with your true self and stand in your power

Momentum Changing Mindsets now offers exclusive retreats in Bali and Australia.

With a small group of like-minded and adventurous souls, our restorative retreats offer a pathway to
self-love that brings clarity, authenticity, congruence and wellness.

Our Heartfelt Retreats will enable you to:
• expand your level of self-awareness
• develop and maintain a healthy and positive internal state
• experience joy and greater clarity
• reconnect with your authentic self
• realise enhanced relationships with others
• let go of old patterns and habits and introduce the new
• integrate the learnings into your everyday life so that they become familiar and usual
• manage the challenges to these new patterns of behaviour and thinking

For further information please click on the attached link http://www.heartfeltretreats.com.au/