Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching seeks to develop employees and assist them to identify and genuinely own their contribution to a problem or situation. Momentums coaching services enables individual to change the way they evaluate, perceive and externally respond in conflict situations. Ultimately, they engage in a new, healthier way of managing conflict, reducing negative patterns of behaviour.

Conflict management coaching can be a highly effective approach in the management of workplace conflict. It integrates the practice of coaching and alternative dispute resolution, and aims to:

  • Assist individuals to gain insights and practical skills to better manage conflict
  • Foster conflict competency and new ways to approach and manage challenging situations
  • Encourage individuals to become more aware of their own behaviours, the behaviour of others and the potential negative impact that behaviours may have
  • Allow exploration of possible solutions and enable reality testing of preferred courses of action
  • Foster the development of courageous and authentic workplace cultures, one person at a time
  • Assists reluctant parties to prepare for the conversations required in a mediated process
  • Support individuals to develop the skills to enable them to have challenging conversations
  • Promote the early resolution of disputes
  • Restore working relationships and enable earlier return-to-work

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