Momentum’s Story

Momentum grew out of a deep and shared passion to help people better manage conflict and its impacts. Both Directors had worked for many years with people with significant stress related, and other psychological, conditions which had arisen out of avoidance or poorly managed conflict in the workplace. Together they knew that there was a better, less debilitating and costly way.

Leta had established a dispute resolution and workplace rehabilitation business in the late 1990’s, at the same time, Sally had been running her own consulting business in this area of practice. They met in early 2003, and recognized the same skills and commitment in each other, and Sally began working immediately with Leta in delivering mediation services. As time progressed there was an acknowledgement that this was a very special relationship indeed; characterised by immense synergies and a strong vitality. The quality and sustainability of the results achieved through this collaborative working relationship continued to be very impressive.

As a result, Momentum Changing Mindsets Pty Ltd was formed in 2009, with conflict being its core business. Since this time, the services have continued to expand and deepen through Leta and Sally’s commitment to their ongoing and very eclectic personal and professional development in the field.