Leta’s Story

Leta as a ChildIn my early years as a psychologist I spent many hours sitting one on one with people in deep emotional pain, unwell with their anger and distress and often long held beliefs of unjust and unfair treatment whilst in their jobs.  Although supportive and certainly therapeutically helpful, these interventions were often lengthy and limited by the very narratives being retold.  Progress was typically very slow.

It was so often the case that conflict of one sort or another sat at the heart of these scenarios. In one of my first mediations I  saw the very same people appear almost instantaneously transformed and released from the tyranny of the conflict, and I became convinced that this was a way that I could more effectively help the people I was so committed to.

By giving people ‘on all sides’ a safe space to have a voice, recognition of their concerns, the opportunity to gain another perspective, and thus the chance to take ownership for finding a better way, fear is replaced with courage, change is enabled, Leta Chenand ultimately, lives are transformed.  The effects can be seen to be very long lasting.

After years of practice, dedication, and honing of skills, my belief in this art form is continually strengthened.

Leta is an artist in her spare time.

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