At Momentum Changing Mindsets
Conflict management is our core business

Reducing the cost of conflict

Conflict comes at a high human and financial cost to organisations. This includes lowered morale, deteriorated health and wellbeing, absence, disengagement, and reduced productivity.

Momentum supports organisations to reduce the cost of conflict through it’s proven approach.

We have worked hands-on with conflict since 1990, with direct specialised experience in complex and entrenched workplace disputes.

We have a proven track record of delivering robust, sustainable outcomes for organisations, with high satisfaction ratings from all concerned. We empower employers and individuals to prevent and effectively manage internal and external conflict within the workplace. In doing so, the associated financial and human costs are reduced significantly.

Our conflict management services range from mediations, facilitations, leadership coaching, conflict coaching, and workplace training to small and large team interventions. Our supportive services include EAP, individual psychological counselling and couples enrichment sessions.